DeWalt D024K 240 Volt Percussion Drill 13 mm

A majority of drilling operations require long hours of handling power equipment. And since you can’t do much to eliminate the vibrations and shocks that accompany the hammer drill, you can at best choose one that weighs less. But less weight doesn’t necessarily mean you can settle down for a low quality product, since safety of the equipment is also a major concern. So, the optimized product has to be ergonomic, safe and should also perform well. In recent times one such product to hit the markets is the DeWalt D024K 240 Volt Percussion Drill 13 mm.
The DeWalt D024K 240 Volt Percussion Drill 13 mm has been designed with a mindset to be the lightest hammerdrill ever produced. It weighs so less that it hardly puts a strain on the hand, even during long hours of vertical drilling. The entire equipment with all the attachments weighs just under 2kgsmaking it the lightest power tool ever. Also its sleek design ensures that you don’t end up holding it in the wrong position and cramping up your arm. It also features a smooth rubber back handle which provides the maximum comfort during hammering operation. So, on the whole it’s the most ergonomic hammer drill in the market.
But don’t let its sleek exterior fool you, because despite its ergonomic characteristics, it’s also one of the best performing hammer drills. The low weight of the DeWalt D024K 240 Volt Percussion Drill 13 mm, results in an excellent power –to – weight ratio. So for its compact size, it’s also one of the most powerful equipment in the market. The 650watts drill can impact 47600bpm, making it the best option for pulverizing hard surfaces. Also with a no load speed of 2800rpm it’s also really quick. So, whether its solid concrete or rock hard masonry, it can make short work of any surface with ease.
The maximum drilling capacity of the DeWalt D024K 240 Volt Percussion Drill 13 mm is quite remarkable considering it low power consumption. It can drill through 16mm of concrete while consuming power, as low as a tiny vacuum cleaner. The drill can deliver 8.6Nm of torque, which lets you cut through the toughest materials without jamming the drill. It also has a safety clutch, which protects your wrist from injuries when the drill does get stuck.
The DeWalt D024K 240 Volt Percussion Drill 13 mm also comes with a lot of essential facilities that seem to be missing in other hammer drills. For instance, the lock-on button provided comes in real handy when you’re performing repetitive drilling operations. Especially when you don’t want to turn-off and turn-on the drill every single time you take the drill out. Also the sensitive soft trigger with the variable speed switch allows you to control the speed of the drill, so you can drill more slowly for accuracy, during the beginning of the drilling operation. The best part about DeWalt D024K 240 Volt Percussion Drill 13 mm is that, it costs less than a £100; so on the whole, the entire package is not just light on your hands but on your pocket as well.