How to find the best SDS drills out there today

One of the most ubiquitous in common tools that a tradesman, carpenter, or heavy-duty construction worker has access to must be the drill system. These tools allow for a million and one different jobs to be accomplished in rapid speed, helping to drill holes, handle demolition, fastened different screws to keep projects held together, as well as a host of other options. No other tool has been able to completely and totally revolutionize the way that craftsman go about their business than the drill.

There are any number of different drill solutions on the market today, ranging from the lightest weight cordless power drills that are used in homes and on job sites across the world as well as super heavy-duty SDS drills that are purpose built for very serious construction. This article is going to talk about the latter, as they are one of the most unique and important tools you can lean on when you’re trying to accomplish a specific job.

First developed by world-renowned and construction tool industry titan Bosch in the mid-1970s to beef up their then current line of hammer drills, SDS drills are purposely built machinery for tackling the heaviest of duties. These machines allow you to go through any kind of material – including concrete and pavement – without even missing a beat. As close to a miniature jackhammer as you’ll be able to find anywhere, these specially designed hammer drill systems are very powerful and can chew through just about anything you throw at it.

Bosch PBH 2100 Bosch PBH 2100 RE SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

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Bosch ££ 4.5

DeWalt D024K

DeWalt D024K

DeWalt D024K 240 Volt Percussion Drill 13 mm with Kitbox

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DeWalt ££ 4.5
GMC MRHD1500CF 1500 w Rotary Hammer Drill with Magnesium and Carbon Fibre

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GMC £££ 4.5
DeWalt DC223KA DeWalt DC223KA 24V Ni-Cd Heavy Duty 3 Mode Dedicated Cordless Hammerdrill

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DeWalt £££ 5.0
draper 76215 Draper 76215 230-Volt 810-Watt Hammer Drill

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Draper ££ 4.0
Wolf 1500w SDS Heavy Duty Rotary Impact Hammer Drill 240v – Complete with SDS Drill Bits and storage case Wolf ££ 5.0
Skil 1743 600W 3-Function Corded SDS+ Hammer Drill

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Skil ££ 4.0

Specifically engineered to clamp the drill bit (or any of the other purpose-built and designed accessories that can be purchased) much tighter and stronger than the average drill can, the Special Direct System – as SDS drills are known all over the world – gives you unrivaled power to get the job done. The way it works is that you feed a cylindrical shank that has multiple grooves grounded to it into the chuck of the drill. This allows the chuck to really bite into the bit when the hammer drill is in action, making for one of the most secure and tight locks you’ll find in any power tool set up. This SDS attachment system makes for quick and nearly instant change-outs of different attachments, allowing you to go from project to project without any slowdown in your workflow or with your workforce. Having a keyless drill chuck is just one of the many bonuses you’ll be able to enjoy when you use the best SDS drill on the market today.

This purposely designed attachment system also makes the hammer action of the drill much more effective and efficient, requiring you to use far less energy, power, or elbow grease to chew through just about any material that you can imagine. Hammer drills are quite often used with space bits to chunk out concrete in a demolition project or to drive holes through concrete, masonry, stonework, or any other hard material that needs to have fasteners attached to retroactively.

There are few downsides to investing in even the best SDS drill, but the number one reason people shy away from this incredible technology has to be because it is considerably more expensive than a traditional hammer drill set up. You get a lot of added bonuses and benefits for the extra money you invest, but for some people, it’s too steep of a price tag to pay. This is a deeply personal choice, but I can almost always assure you that if you invest in the best SDS drill on the market you will have a tool that with proper maintenance will last and last far longer than any of your other pieces of equipment.

What are the best SDS drill options?

Now that we’ve outlined a little bit about the history and usage for SDS drills, here are a few of the leading options in the SDS drills industry. By no means is this list comprehensive or complete, and you’ll find many more options online if you do just a bit more research. While this list certainly gives you the basics and foundational information you need to really understand which solutions are the best of the best when it comes to SDS drills, make sure that you invest at least a bit more time to really find out the one that is perfect for you.

Bosch SDS drills

The people that started it all, you can’t go wrong by investing in the originators of the SDS drills technology. Bosch has been making incredible power tools seemingly forever, and you’ll fall in love with the capabilities, reliability, and ease-of-use that each and every one of their SDS drills has to offer. A little bit on the heavier side, this is because they only use the highest grade materials throughout the construction of all their power tools – but especially their best SDS drill options, considering the fact that they will see the most heavy-duty usage.

Hilti SDS drills

Hilti tools are world-renowned construction equipment that is prized for their durability, usability, and extreme attention to detail. Based in a tiny country between Switzerland and Austria – the country of Liechtenstein – Hilti has been creating some of the most powerful SDS drills the world has ever seen. With a track record stretching back to 1941, they have been a Titan of the construction industry almost sense the day they open shop. Considerably more expensive than just about any other option in the SDS drills marketplace, you definitely get what you pay for when you invest in one of the best SDS drill options from Hilti.

Probably most known for their yellow paint scheme of crossed all of their power tool options, DeWalt has made some of the lightest weight but still powerful SDS drills the world has ever seen. Much less expensive than most of the other options, you give up a little bit of power to gain a whole lot more control and flexibility. These are some of the best SDS drill solutions to use over long periods of time and have been specifically designed to take most of the strain of using an SDS system off of your arms and body.

The important thing to remember is that there is an almost endless amount of options when looking for the best SDS drill for your specific needs. Do not forget that while the SDS drill is a powerful part of the equation, choosing the right bits for your specific project is also mission-critical and cannot be ignored. Combine the two with just enough research to get you going and you should have the ultimate SDS drill solution to get you the kind of results you’ve been looking for.